Vaccinations & lockdown musings

Dose 2 ✅

SP and I got our second doses of Pfizer about 3 weeks back. I was going to wait 2 weeks from the day we got the jab to post about it,but I got distracted by the Lockdown! Yes, we are in lockdown again- Lockdown 5, but more about that later.

So, with the first dose, I didn’t have any side effects other than the regular flu like symptoms & a dull headache, but they disappeared in 2 days. However, with the second dose, I started feeling sick straight away. That may have caused a little excitement in the quiet waiting area at the hospital. One minute I was standing at the counter, waiting to be signed out, next I was being led the nearest chair. 4 nurses appeared suddenly and I was taken to the examination bay & then wheeled out to the observation room.

Finally my heart rate steadied and they let me go home with instructions to rest and return if I felt worse. I slept a lot for the next two days. This time I had a lot of nausea too and sleeping helped too. Besides when you are a mum, it’s not always that you get told to go back to bed & I was not going to let that opportunity pass.

Anyway, back to lockdown, I can’t believe it that we are back in lockdown so quickly and that our last lockdown was only last month! 🤯 We are doing our part – staying home, using masks, just being sensible. And despite knowing and understanding the logic of it, it’s still hard to not be impacted by it. Almost everyone I speak to talks about how they are now struggling emotionally and that’s completely understandable, isn’t it? We are social beings after all. Even the most introverted, most anti-social ones amongst us need the most basic social interactions for their mental wellbeing.

But we are also the most adaptive species on earth. The last time I was in the office, masks were mandatory. It was so nice to recognise familiar people despite the masks, seeing their eyes crinkle as they smiled upon recognising you. It was wonderful to see everyone respectfully staying the required 1.5mtrs away from each other. It was funny to watch friends do that awkward air hug, side step and then elbow bump – funnier because I had done the same thing myself. We learn, we adapt, then learn some more, until we perfect this game of life, taking all the little curveballs coming our way, in our stride.

More later, Trish xoxo


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