Saturday musings

Just because 😊

I am waiting in the car with MsA, waiting for the Dr to call us in for the appointment. She is running late, so I think it will be a long wait.

Anyway, the reason for this photo is that I have one of my favourite scarves on – it’s so colourful and has giant butterflies on it. I am also also wearing my favourite earrings . And I am finally seeing some curls in my hair again – you can see the greys too 🙂

About 4 years back, when SP was working interstate and I was rushing everywhere alone – I decided to get my hair permanently straightened. Wait! Wait .. there was a logic to my madness. I had long hair but never enough time to style it. And even if I found the time to make an effort, by the time I arrived at work, I looked like I had fought 10 battles( at least I felt like I had) .

I loved the ease of wash and wear and that I always woke up with amazing hair. Fast forward to a couple of years and MsAn started noticing that she was the only one that had messy curls but both MsA and I had straight hair and she started feeling left out and wanted to change her hair. I told her her curls were gorgeous and she asked me why I didn’t have any. I didn’t know what to say.

Finally last year, I decided to return to my original hair. It has taken a long time for it to get to this stage but I can finally see little waves and curls 🙂 it’s not a lot but still considerable since I have had dead straight hair for 4-5 years.

The doctor called us in just as I was looking for a photo of MsAn’s curly hair..so finally finishing this post 4 hours later. We managed to fit in lunch at our favourite cafe, grocery shopping and a short drive in between. Seems like a good Saturday so far.

Here’s MsAn’s hair.. love the curls- this was straight out of shower

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