Smiles under the masks – 26/1/21

When the masks first became mandatory

Masks have been a part of our lives since April 2020 or was in May.. it seems like forever and now they are a part of our lives. In the initial months, it was hard to recognise people. I think one of the reasons behind that was also the chaos in our heads. We just wanted to spend as little time outside of our homes and almost everyone avoided eye contact with almost everyone else.

When schools resumed for face to face learning, we were required to have masks on for school pickup. MsAn would recognise me despite the mask. I know it sounds funny but I was genuinely worried about her not recognising me. But, what amazed me most was when her friends started recognising me too, despite the mask. I know, I know – my fears were baseless.

But, we got over the second wave and the restrictions were removed and masks were not mandatory as long as we were able to maintain a safe distance. The first day I went to pick up MsAn without a mask, her face just lit up. ‘Mumma, you don’t have your mask on. I can see your face!’ And then, ‘ are you sure you don’t need a mask?’ She was excited when I told her I was sure.

Masks are still required indoors, now in the new pre-COVID world. However, we have all embraced it. They are not the most comfortable but we know they keep us safe. Masks have become a part of our life – you know remember to take your keys, phone, mask when you leave home.

Over the last couple of days, I have come across people I know , while at the shops or at the doctors and we recognised each other despite the masks.What triggered this post is that moment of recognition.You know that moment when your eyes meet and you recognise the person behind the mask and your eyes light up – that moment- that joy – the crinkling of eyes that follows as you both smile, the quick muffled conversation and that belief that everything is getting better .. everything will be ok…this is normal- the new normal. Masks are our friends, masks are here to stay as they keep us safe.

What are your thoughts on this ? Do share.

❤️ Trish



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