Coffee with my firstborn

MsA and I had an impromptu coffee date after an appointment today.. Love my little chats with her, especially since we hardly get any one on one time anymore.

Old photo , because we didn’t even think to take one today.

She started asking me about my school days, friends, crushes etc. She laughed her head off as I was telling her about my teen escapades and was shocked when I said I couldn’t share everything with my parents, seeing as her Nanu and I are so close now.

She thinks my stories are hilarious and I should make a show about my life. It would be very entertaining! Entertaining or not, I am just going walk in the clouds today because she thinks I am funny!! My TEENAGER thinks I am funny! That’s a big deal 😃😃

As much as I worry about her – it’s my job as her mother- little chats like these are reassuring and heartening as I can see my excited little girl peep out occasionally from behind the cool teenager that knows everything.

That being said, I dread the day when MsAn turns into a teenager.. I am hoping I would be able to lean on MsA for intervention or advice.

Excuse me, while I bask in the happiness that my firstborn has bestowed upon me today …

Much ❤️

Trish xx



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