Weekly Menus

All my intentions of starting the year on the right foot were set aside due to Mowgli falling sick in the first week of New year.

But I started Week 2 with the right intention. I only set one intention for that week and that was to be organised. Sharing last week’s menu and coming week’s menu here in case anyone needs any inspiration.

I cook only once a day – usually at night. Lunch is either leftovers or toasties or eggs and toast . I find that if I leave it too late to start cooking , I lose all motivation to cook and then, there is only one option left and that is takeaway. Or else I am rushing to get meals on the table. But if the meals are ready, I am not stressed and can actually relax after finishing work.

But bulk cooking meals, though efficient and smart, doesn’t work in our house. The family either wants to try everything and as a result, there is not enough left for a complete meal and as they have already tried everything, they don’t want to eat it in the following days . Defeats the purpose of bulk-cooking to save time.

So, I tried a new strategy last week. I cooked and prepped each meal one night in advance. Here’s what I did :

Sunday Night : I cooked the Rajma curry while SP & I were watching a movie. I honestly can’t remember which movie.

Monday Night : I boiled the chicken for sandwiches on Wednesday and marinated chicken for the wraps for Tuesday night.

Tuesday Night : Cooked the chicken for the wraps and cooked the paneer curry for Thursday evening. Wednesday was a super hot day, so the sandwiches hit the right spot. Best part was not having to cook or worry about meals 2 nights in a row! Winning!

Friday night was a simple meal of yogurt and rice & for Saturday- I got a pre-marinated Tandoori Chicken from the local butchers and that wrapped up the week.

I feel very accomplished and motivated to stay organised for the coming week. I have goat curry simmering as I write this post. Below is the menu starting from tomorrow :

I’ll be sure to update if I stayed on track.

More later,

Trish xx


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