MrMowgli – update -16/1/21

Mr M is on a slow road to recovery. His appetite and energy levels are still quite low, but every now and again we see a shadow of our happy boy again.

He has started coming upstairs since last two days and the first thing he did after coming upstairs was check out if everything was the same.

This was him on day 3 of being sick.. at this stage he was getting progressively worse.
Demanding cuddles when he had a little burst of energy before settling down again

He had his follow up visit yesterday with his regular vet and she seemed happy with the way he is recovering. She did tell us that it can take 4-6 weeks for his to regain his full strength and character. He is still sleeping a lot but that’s alright as long as it’s helping him get better.

Smelling the air and getting ready to guard his backyard 😃
This was him snuggling up with MsAn while I oiled her hair today.

He is still on the staple diet of rice and chicken and I have started adding some veggies to it now. He is loving it. Now to slowly transition him back to dry food .

#blogathon2021 #mowglitales #getwellsoonmowgli


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