Last year ..

This time last year, we were in India – surrounded by family and old friends. It was our most awaited vacation and a well deserved break. Our days were filled with sleep-ins,good food, lots of socialising.. oh what would I give to be back there now .. or maybe not.. after all, no one wants to go through another 2020.

On Jan 8th, 2020 we took the girls to visit Siddhivinayak temple and show them my college. They were so excited. I think I was more excited than them.

My undergraduate classroom
My workstation in Chemistry lab

One of my professors is the Head of Department now and another is the Vice Principal. It was so nice to meet them. I was pleased beyond belief when they remembered my last name and asked me if I was visiting to secure admission for MsA. Again, just the sound of those words made me so happy. MsA is quite tall and could easily pass for a 15/16 year old. When I told them her age, they asked her come back in a couple of years 😊

Of course, no trip to Ruia is complete without a visit to the juice centre.

Next stop was Siddhivinayak Temple .. so many memories associated with this temple.

Loved the hustle bustle of Siddhivinayak. I love it how the girls hang on to each other in a new place ❤️

We did get charged double the price for flowers for the temple. My dad cracked up laughing when I told him how much we paid for flowers & told me that maybe leaving so much time between two visits wasn’t a good idea ..🙄 umm yes.. my dad & sister didn’t stop teasing me about it for days. All in good fun, though.

In all honesty, I can never have enough of these flowers …

I hope you enjoyed a trip down memory lane with me 😊

More later,

Trish xx


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