Friday feels

We are keeping a watch on a sick MrMowgli. He came home last night after spending a night at the vet hospital. He kept us on edge all day today with his symptoms going up and down all day.

So we decided to roast some corn, cook some sausages and quiches and watch a family movie. MsAn left the room on the pretence of taking Mowgli outside- you see we didn’t pick her movie suggestion .

Then, I dozed off .. slowly SP did too. MsA got frustrated and switched off the movie . I tried to get her to start it again but she stomped off saying – “ why? So you can fall asleep again” it sounds funny when I say it out loud. 🙄

Anyway, I woke up after a long nap and now am still groggy but not sleepy .. here’s hoping that tonight is peaceful and MrM is on the mend… fingers crossed.

More tomorrow

Trish xx


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