They say it takes 21 days to form a habit..Does it, really? Well .. we’ll just have to see. Every year I start with the best intentions to revive the blog, to get back into the habit of writing every day and every year I fall off the wagon.

I blame it on my own laziness, the ease of microblogging on Facebook and Instagram and the instant gratification of comments. And I fall off the wagon, realise at a later a time that there was so much that I wanted to say and share , so I am going to keep filling this space with my random musings till I get around to sharing more meaningful content .

MrMowgli is back from a 10-day stint at the kennel and he is like my little shadow. He has been nudging my hand from time to time, asking for pats and cuddles ❤️ The first photo is him pushing himself into my lap and the second photo is of him having fun at the kennel .

My Christmas tree is still up . We were a bit late putting the tree out. I just couldn’t be bothered putting the tree up. MsA kept saying it doesn’t feel like Christmas at all. Finally, after leaving the tree box in the living room for a full week, MsAn and I set it up and decorated the tree.

Ms An was a bit miffed at her father and sister for not helping her decorate the tree. I told her that not everyone has to feel the same cheer as you and me, so we have to create our own cheer and not let it be dimmed by others.
“Ok”, she said.
She put on some Christmas music on my phone, put me on Bauble sorting duty and got busy singing and dancing and decorating! I got treated to the most beautiful one-woman show .

My view tonight 😍

Every night, when the girls are in bed, I sit here gazing at this beautiful tree, I am grateful to her for creating and spreading the cheer in our home ❤️ I think I might leave it there for some more time 🙂

Hope 2021 has been kind to you so far ..

Trish ❤️


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