Happy New Year 2021

Hello hello ,

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year! Here’s hoping that 2021 is kinder to us and is made up of all things nice!

We bid farewell to 2020 very quietly – watching a movie, sprawled out on opposite ends of the couch,staying put at home. It was nice to just relax and reflect on the year that was. It was a hard year but we persisted and we survived.

As it got closer to midnight, we could hear fireworks, so we stepped out on the street to try and catch a glimpse of the fireworks. We couldn’t see any, but we were able to share a drink and exchange wishes with our neighbours-turned-friends . It was lovely to ring in the New Year with them.

We spent most of today, taking it slow – sleep-ins, lazy teas, relaxed lunch and then hanging out in the front yard, enjoying the beautiful weather. I hope the rest of year is nice and peaceful like this too.

Yesterday saw a rise in COVID cases in Victoria. As a result some restrictions are back on, since 5 PM, 31st December, 2020. Masks are Mandatory indoors now and as distressing it is, it is also heartening to see everyone trying to do the right thing.

I have high hopes from 2021, just as I did from 2020.2020 didn’t really go as per plan, but we did learn how to adapt and we found our inner strength and resilience, so just for that, I am glad 2020 happened. Let’s toast to the new year and to a whole new decade 😊



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