Just a little sunshine 

Sometimes all you need is just a little sunshine,some fresh air and family time, to get through the cold months 🙂

And if you are a puppy, feasting on some Kangaroo Poo ( Ewww) in the park is just the cherry on top!

In case anyone is still reading this blog, this is my feeble attempt at trying to revive the blog .

♥ Trish



4 thoughts on “Just a little sunshine 

  1. Welcome back.. I am sure everyone is still here.. at least I am 😁😁😁

    Great pic true it is great to get out of the house and wonder in open fresh air sometimes . ..

    How have you been…


  2. Welcome back Trish!
    Catching up on reading these days (though am not writing much!).

    Feasting on kangaroo poo can sound “awww” only to another dog-lover – rofl. Though I myself go ewww anytime mine even think of feasting on any poo 😀

    Lovely pic – captures the essence of all that you didn’t put in words.


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