An eventful day! 

It was a no-plans Saturday – all we were going to do that day was – coffee at the local cafe, quick trip to the mall, trip to the Indian store and  back home.

Well, we ran into some friends at the mall and almost in an unsaid agreement,spent the afternoon with them. The kids love each other, the men enjoy each other’s company & my friend R & I were only too glad to hang out together.  MsA & MsAn told my friend R, that Li’l S is like a sibling to them – and watching them today confirmed that – they tease each other, fight and then cuddle only to start again.

So we were all having a good time. MsAn & Li’l S wanted to go on the merry-go-round – you know those $2 rides in the malls. So I put a coin in but nothing happened.  So SP went to check with customer service,R& I were talking,while we waited.

I felt a little hand tap my back, I turned around to MsAn. I automatically gave her a Thumbs Up, coz she always calls me to show whatever she is doing. But her face was pale. “what’s wrong?”I asked her. “Mummy,I am stuck!”  OMG! She was really stuck..her knees locked in under the dashboard of the little car.

We tried to get her out, one way or the other- called security. By now it was nearly 30 mins that she was stuck in there. She was so calm though, talking to us, singing.I could hug her little body from the back.I was ready to cry.A passerby stopped and suggested a slight maneuver – R’s hubby asked MsAn to try it, so we could go watch a movie.The idea of the movie motivated her to try and she came free. It took 4 adults & a passing teen to finally free my little girl!

Gosh! I swear, this is the child that will give me my greys!!!


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