Here’s to strong women…

We watched the movie Moana, last week.  I am happy to see this new set of current day movies , that depict Princess/ heroine as a strong character and not a damsel in distress . Both MsA & MsAn loved the movie and can’t stop talking about Moana – Brave, smart, determined Moana. 

I love the fact that both MsA & MsAn are quite unaffected by what the rest of the world is doing. For example – MsAn prefers animals and superheroes over dolls & fairies and will go blue in the face defending her choices even if someone she absolutely loves tries to convince her that boys like those things. 

When unicorns were still a rage in her friend circle, MsA announced one day that she ‘preferred the PowerPuff Girls, because they fight crime.’ She wasn’t worried that the other girls didn’t share the same interests. She loved them and didn’t give in to peer pressure.  

I  hope this trend continues…I know this might change as she gets older, but as long as she/ they know that its ok to be different, as long as you believe in yourself, that’s all I can wish for. 


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