And I fell off the writing wagon..

..again..I don’t even remember why or how, except that first day or two, I was too tired. SP was traveling and pretty much every night,I was ready for bed before the girls were.

December is here..my favorite month of the year! I love the joy and cheer December brings along. Although this year, December started with sickness. First it was MsAn and then me. We spent most of our day today, sleeping, fighting off a feverish haze, cuddling each other, waking up to drink water and going back to sleep till it was time to pick up MsA.

This year we have a visitor – Elfie – Santa’s Elf  and she is entertaining us with her antics. MsA and MsAn are so in awe of her and take her very seriously.

Elfie’s grand entry! 
 Day 2 – Elfie got in to candy stash and then decided to hang out with our Buddha ! 


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