Go Team!


The girls are playing Basketball now. So much fun! Ms.An is on the Under8s Team and Ms.A is on the Under12s.

Its amazing how much they have already improved in the 3 weeks, that we have been there. On the first training night, Ms.An was the only one, that didn’t know how to dribble. And if I am perfectly honest, I was disappointed. I thought, this was a mistake, I should’ve atleast done a trial class before signing up, ordering uniforms etc. SP was a bit antsy too.  But, here’s the thing – MsAn couldn’t care less that she was the only one that couldn’t dribble. She couldn’t care less that she was tinier than the other girls, or that some of them were able to shoot baskets( Some of them have been playing for 6 months or longer) All she cared about was how much fun it was and that she had her own Basketball.

As for MsA, she was so nervous on the first training night, she didn’t even want to go, she said her tummy was sore. We still went – I , all but threatened her, reminded her of the money spent, anyway, we got there and halfway, through the training session, she came running to me and said,” Mumma, do you think we can sign up for the next season also? Because I am having sooo much fun!”

And that’s how it started..we are part of a team now – the girls love it..we are getting to know other parents and realising slowly that everyone is in the same boat, all the new girls and their parents.I am learning how the scoring works, what’s allowed and what’s not 🙂

Here’s to more fun times ahead 🙂



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