Random Ramblings…

Its been so long since I wrote anything here, I don’t even know where to begin, how to begin..

So, let me start with the most exciting bit..My little baby, my MsAn turned 5!Yes, time has flown and my little miss will be starting school next year. She is now enrolled in the same school as MsA and wants to start going there, already! Oh my Gosh, I love looking at her excited  face, when anyone asks her ‘who is going to school next year?’ 

Speaking of school, SP has finished School too and will be graduating from B-school next month. 

And whilst on the subject of schools, MsA loves her school too, she just hates a new person, every week, at school and that person ‘ ruins ‘ her life and day!!! #joysofbeinga9yearold 

As for me, I am trying to master the art of solo-parenting as fast as I  can. SP has been travelling during the week since the end of July and I am still getting used to it. Doing double drop offs before work is what tires me the most… actually I  lie… its the waking up half an hour earlier than usual – that’s what tires me most. Other than that, its business as usual. 

Oh! We celebrated Book Week last week and the girls dressed up as’ Cat in the Hat’ from Dr.Suess. I had so much fun putting their costumes, together ☺

I leave you with a pic of my Cats …




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