Just had to write this..

I wasn’t planning to write anything today, but this had to be written, before I got busy and forgot about it.
I almost didn’t apply for my new job because I knew the role was ON-call basis. I was scared about how I would manage the logistics of finding care for both the girls, on the last minute, how I would cope with the spontaneity of it..But, I applied. My friend and her boss all but pushed me to and I did, because I felt so loved and spoiled and to be honest, a little obliged.
The interview was a breeze and I got selected and then started the trainings..I still had a little say in when I wanted to organize training sessions and could pre-plan the girls’ daycare and after school-care arrangements. Now, training is all but finished and regular call-outs have started. In the last 3-4 weeks, I have worked 5-6 days each week and most of the times, it has been a last minute call- the previous night or first thing in the morning. Then, I have rung daycare and asked if I could drop Ms.An , told Ms.A as soon as I got the call that Aunty D will pick her up. D is a friend who runs her own daycare from home and her daughter is one of MsA’s oldest friends and so she loves going there. And every single time, when I get a call, my stomach does a flip-out..thinking how everything will work out.. and even if it does, how will the girls react, will I get there in time.
But, surprisingly, they have been alright. Ms.An is liking ‘school’ as she calls her daycare and has been OK going there even on her ‘day off’. Ms.A automatically grabs a second snack when I tell her that Aunty D is going to pick her up. And when I know that they are well taken care of and are in a safe place, I am relaxed at work. I am quite enjoying the new role and all the things that come with it. A couple of months back, when MsAn was struggling at daycare and I was unhappy, I had made my peace with the fact that a full-time job is not my cup of tea. But the last month has showed me that I can do it and it might work for our family. Sure I am tired and have a whole heap of work to catch up with on the weekend, but we will survive.
I have put in my notice for my weekend job and once that ends, things will ease up a little..but like I said, we’ll survive..we’ll cope and when we can’t, we’ll find ways to cope 🙂
Today Ms.An and I had our first day off in a month and it was the best day ever. We went out for a coffee-date with Batman, stocked up on groceries and then came home , did house work, sang songs, talked..yes! she has real conversations now(that reminds me I NEED to write her birthday post) Like I said, it was the best day EVER.
Back to the grind tomorrow.. but this had to be written, for me to read when I am having a hard day!
Hope you’ve been well..


2 thoughts on “Just had to write this..

  1. And today I have a day offf tooo.. first day off in 3 months..

    Been working tooo much..

    Everything works out. .All the best mam….


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