That should be my middle name!I was so good last week.Planned and cooked healthy meals,every single day,2-3 times a day.And it showed in our bank account and on my weighing scale.Come Saturday,we went to a birthday party after work-picked up takeaway on the way home.

Sunday morning to evening,spent the whole day out furniture shopping/browsing-got takeaway on our way home.
Monday- First day of the holidays-took the kids out,ate in the food court..was too tired,so cooked a nice cheesy pasta for dinner.
Tuesday- work-day- went out for lunch with Ms.A and a friend.Had a meeting in the evening..got takeaway for dinner 😦

Wednesday- 12WBT week 2 weigh-in – No change!!! Its better than a gain..but I am disappointed and mad at myself,because till Saturday morning,I had already lost another 700 gms. Seriously,if this isn’t self-sabotage,what is?

So,this morning,I am back on the healthy bandwagon- not eating 12wbt meals..haven’t shopped.But this is what my food diary looks like today:
Breakfast – 2 wholemeal parathas with chai- 248 cal
Lunch- Crunchy sprouts,mixed greens,paneer salad- 265 cals
Dinner- Slow-cooked Chicken plus steamed rice- ( I will aim to stay within 300 calories)
Snacks- That’s the tricky one for me 😦 may be a boiled egg with some nuts and tea.

Send me some stick-to-the-plan vibes or give me a stern talking to..:)
More soon..


6 thoughts on “Self-sabotage

  1. Lol Trishna!! This same post I would have written differently, posting pics of all high calorie yummy food that I ate back to back at different places for few days 😛 😛 😀
    By the way, which cheese you use?? I cannot find any cheese here that is similar to Amul cheese from India. I love Amul cheese 🙂
    And one more thing – crunchy sprouts wala salad ki recipe please 🙂 What dressing u used?


    1. LOL!!! I would’ve taken/shared pictures if I wasn’t too busy stuffing my face,TPL 😛
      I just used Cheddar-medium..mild is too bland for me.
      For the crunchy sprouts salad- I just used the crunchy sprouts from coles/woolsworth and cooked with a little salt and water,just to make them a little tender.And then just toss it with a salad,paneer,I either use chaat masala n lemon juice or just (vinegar,brown sugar,olive oil-whisked together)


  2. Hey Trishna,
    Thank you for the visit on my blog.I live in Bunbury which is near Perth WA.You know I am trying to reduce weight and also trying hard to eat healthy.But when I am hungry I become pig and eat whatever comes my way and after some time I regret about it.But now I think I have somehow managed to control my hunger.Tried peanut butter with apples today and it was yum.
    It is great to connect with you.


    1. Welcome to my blog,Vaidehi 🙂 Nice to connect with you too.
      I might try the apple with nut butter for a snack.
      Ohh I track calories with myfitness pal and that keeps me on track.


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