Back on!

I have a new laptop ! yay! The last one was a write-off 😦 Just when I was warming up to it. This one is completely different from any laptops I have used before and might take a while to get used to.But at least I have a laptop.

In the last few days,I have finished 3 books and sort of decluttered – used my time wisely 😀
Its the first day of school holidays here and both girls were out of bed by 7:15 am..seriously,I thought I had trained them better.So,brekky’s done,I let them watch some TV and now we are going to walk up to our local shopping centre to meet Peppa Pig and Ms.A’s besties,followed by lunch.
I am proud to tell you that we went a whole week without takeaways..pre-planning works.BUT we ended up getting Takeaways over the weekend. I tried my best to eat healthy, but yesterday wasn’t so good. So going to be really good today!I am not going to fall off the wagon this time..I am not going to fall off the wagon this time!!

Ok now,I have washing to hang,battle with Ms.An to brush her hair and get her changed,so I will stop here. Have a nice day,lovely people 🙂
I leave you with a pic of my three from a party this weekend…not the best photo,but I love it!
10705349_702139099834655_2107884858_nMore later..xoxo


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