Day 6 Bug-ridden again

Ms.An and I are sick again.. another viral infection.I swear,we are bug-free for all of two weeks.She looked too tired when she woke up today and I didn’t have the heart to drop her to the daycare.I would just worry about her.On days like this,I hate the fact that I am working.But I work at a kid-friendly place and there are enough toys to keep her entertained.So,I decided to take her along..first time ever. At times like this,I can’t love my job,enough 🙂
Since we only had to drop Ms.A to school,we got to my work ahead of time and so had enough time to grab a takeaway coffee and some snacks for Ms.An.Then,it was time for work.Ms.An had a blast,trying out all the toys.This time,she walked out only once and I found her checking out the paintings and pretending to read flyers in the foyer.Other than that,she was good as gold 🙂 
But it ended up being a super-long day for her..I had a Dr’s appointment and she missed her nap..then school pick-up,her Dr’s appointment and finally picking up Ms.A from a play-date. By the time,we got to Ms.A’s friend’s place..she was exhausted and acting like a zombie.I quickly finished my cup of tea,apologized for my cheeky monkey and ran out the door.
The first thing Ms.An did when we came home was snuggle up on the couch with her milky bottle…that seemed to calm her down.Milky finished,a little telly time and she climbed into my lap,ready to sleep..early bedtime for her tonight.
As for me,my throat feels so raw.SD joked that may be he should wrap me in bubble-wrap..It was wndy outside,I was indoors,still I got the sniffles that turned into sneezes n sore throat… But the good news is its my day off tomorrow..and an even better news is its my day off even on Thursday 😛 So I am not complaining 🙂
More later,need to get some shut-eye …


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