Day 4 Father’s Day 2014

Fathers day celebrations this year began 2 days early.There was a Father’s Day Breakfast for Dad’s at Ms.A’s school and she was excited to go there with her dad.And on the same day,Ms.An’s daycare was hosting an afternoon tea on the same day and it would be pointless for SD travel to work (1 hour each way-including a 40 min train ride)..so he attended two meetings from home and took the rest of the day off. 

This is at Ms.An’s daycare..The theme was sports and I had forgotten to get a T-shirt for MsAn,so she had to wear her sister’s T-shirt-it was big but she looked cute 😀
We had planned to have a picnic on Saturday,so as to have a separate celebration,but Ms.An was coughing and sneezing,SD & I had an argument,Ms.An kicked up a fuss about getting dressed and our plans were cancelled. 
On Sunday morning,Ms.A woke up super early- 6 am and started waking me up.She wanted to serve breakfast-in-bed to her dad.Finally I got out of bed at 7 am and we served Toast and coffee in bed,along with his presents. Ms.An declared..”Its not Papa Bday,its I birthday”. As always we had got ‘Thank-you’ gifts for the girls and that was the saving grace,because there was no way,Ms.An was handing over her presents till she got one back 😛



Lunch was at the Indian restaurant,celebrating Onam.As soon as we got in the car,after lunch,Ms.A asked SD..”So,Papa,what do you want to do for Father’s Day?Where do you want to go?” And before SD could answer,she added a rejoinder”And you are not allowed to say ‘home’ ” So we came home,and then SD and Ms.A went for a movie. Its their special thing..her special(alone) time with dad-if I ask to join in,they both get very territorial about it..besides,I prefer staying home with Ms.An.She gets bored/restless in a theatre,once her popcorn finishes and one of us has to walk outside with her..So,instead we stay home,play with the blocks,take a nap..Anyway,so SD & MsA went for a movie and the excitement on Ms.A’s face..OMG!It was priceless..:)
Ms.An was excited to eat a whole punnet of strawberries alone..without sharing :D. So that was our Father’s Day this year 🙂
How was your weekend?


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