Drive-in Theatre

We went to  watch Frozen at the Drive-in Theatre at Coburg. I have to tell you,if you have a wiggly toddler,you must give this a go. The last time,I watched a whole movie,was Rio,when I was still breast feeding Ananya.It was a bliss,because when she got bored/tired,I just nursed her,she fell asleep and we all watched the movie happily.
But every other movie after that was a disaster..there were two and let me just say,I don’t remember anything about them,except that I spent the better part of the movie walking outside with the toddler.

But this was nice..she took turns sitting in my lap or SD’s.Aadya was comfortably settled in the back-seat..oh it was soo nice!Although,Anan did turn on the  wiper a couple times..but seriously,it was the most stress-free movie night ever. Next time,we are wearing pajamas 🙂
Oh and the best part,kids fell asleep on the way home  🙂

Have a good weekend,everyone 🙂


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