Daycare hunt

Hello Hello my lovelies,

How was your day? Mine was busy and long..spent most morning cleaning the house-seriously having the kids and the husband at home,all day long for 2 weeks is just the perfect recipe for a disheveled house. Add sickness to the mix and you have a winner! LOL! yeah. The girls got sick on New Year’s Eve.And because we don’t do anything by halves,it had to be a vicious tummy bug. Oh yes! The girls took turns hurling their stomachs contents on pretty much whatever was in front of them- SD,the couch,the bed,the carpet,me…you get the idea!
Soo…the couch cushions were stripped and they were covered with sheets.We dragged a mattress out and we all camped in the living room..basically chaos took over  and the house had to be set back right.Thank Heavens for my cleaner..it took both of us,all morning and half afternoon,but the house is nice and clean now.

The other half of the afternoon,was spent in looking for a daycare.SD and Nanya were sick and sleeping. Aadi was better so,I took her along.6 childcare centres later,I am still nowhere close to finding care for her. 2 of them,promised to call me back next week and now the waiting game begins.I have my fingers and toes crossed that I find a spot for her..and soon,because starting 31st January,I will be working three days a week- 2 weekdays and my usual Saturday. I am excited and nervous about this new development..So,dear readers,please send me some good daycare vibes..once that is sorted,I can relax and get excited about the job.
More later 🙂


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