Sisters Act #2345622125


Last Saturday,Anan woke up before the rest of us…yes we were all sleeping in the same bed and please DON’T ask me how we all fit in the bed!LOL! So,I was saying,Anan woke up before the rest of us.And..wait for this..instead of waking up SD or me,she gently tapped her sister to wake her up. Her movement woke me up but I pretended to be asleep.So,she proceeded to wake up her sister,with patting and cuddling.Now they are both so grumpy when they wake up,so this was such a pleasant pleasant surprise.

5 minutes later they were giggling.Then the monkey climbed out of bed and called out “Commmon Aadu,TV!” And after all that we’d seen,SD and I were totally OK with them watching TV first thing in the morning 🙂

Speaking of “Aadu” -its Anan’s favorite word..Everything that takes place in her day,IS about Aadu. She bumps into the table and she says-“Aadu ‘urt me” doesn’t matter if Aadu is at school. The funniest was when we were out for a pram ride and a rain drop fell on her and her reaction..”ooh ooh mumma,Aadu!”LOL!!!

And as for Aadu-well..Anan is her best friend,her sister,who gets on her nerves,but..but the Sun rises and sets around her.Two days back,I had to work the Tuesday shift and my friend Kal was going to watch Anan.When I told this to Aadi that morning..her face fell and the first thing that came out of her mouth was…”Ohh I must give her big hugs and big kisses..and tell her,that I am so proud of her for being brave.And I am going to tell her that even though we are sending her with Kal aunty,we still love her!!”

And then today-it was so warm this afternoon,so we grabbed a pack of ice-cream and came home to share it. Anan finished her stick first and then came to me..asking for a taste.. when mine was finished..she went to her Aadi,who loves her ice-cream.But,she just laughed indulgently and let her have a lick!

Love these little moments…:)


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