Almost spring…


Its a beautiful day today,filled with warm sunshine. And what better day to share these birdies with you.

The pattern for the birds came from here..I love love Lucy’s patterns. They are so fun to make and easy to follow.

 I made these for my Facebook store,which by the way,has a new name now. Image


What do you think? A Little story about the new name 🙂 

Now most of you must have guessed that the name is a blend of both my girls names…I tried various combinations..but Anadya had a nice ring to it.A lot of time,in a confused state,I’ve yelled out Anadya..when the girls are upto something funny.

And then,Aunty Google sent another interesting tid-bit my way.I found out that Anadya is a Nigerian name and it means ‘Her father’s daughter’… and then there was no looking back..I couldn’t have picked another name 🙂 

Anyway,so that’s the story behind the name..I am busy trying to get ready for a market in October.Yes!I want to try it again…fingers crossed this one is better than the previous ones. I’ll keep you posted. 

Please leave me a comment and tell me how you are doing..:)




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