Her biggest worry …

..is that she will never loose her baby teeth.She wants to eat hard things and wishes to send the tooth fairy a reminder. 


My biggest worry is that my baby is growing up too fast and I am not allowed to call her a baby anymore 🙂 

I took this photo when we were on our way to the city for  our Citizenship Ceremony .She was so excited and sitting all prim and proper in her beautiful dress,looking all grown up,smiling indulgently at her little sister’s toddler-ese banter and my heart skipped a beat.. And it hit me again -God!I love her.. I love her more than my heart can contain…I love her,when I yell at her,I love her when she is all Ms.Attitude and shoots her mouth off…I love her when she ignores me..I love her when she reads my moods just by looking at my face..I love her when she acts like a true blue big sister..I love her when she acts like a spoiled brat..or like an angel..

The reason for this post..We’ve been fighting a lot lately..fighting as in arguing about little things..and then we make up only to argue again. She is growing up,she is learning new words and is getting more and more independent,but is still my little girl. When I try to tell her,I love her so much,after a fight..her response is “No,you love Nanya more” Hopefully,when she reads this,whenever that is..she will know that that wasn’t the case. I leave you with one of my favorite photos of us.Image

We were waiting for our cab to arrive and she was upset because she thought that Nanya didn’t love her enough..you know why?Because Nanya refused to hold her hand!! So,I was trying to console her and cheer her up and my dad took this picture… and I absolutely LOVE it.

Love my little heart with all my heart and then some..




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