Happy 2nd Birthday Ananya


My little Princess turns 2 today… 2 years back,on this day,at 4:09PM,this little bundle entered the world.Her mummy was sleeping and daddy was waiting outside the OT to hear her little cries.She decided to make sure everyone was alert for her..within seconds,all the people in the OT were by her side,resuscitating her and making sure her APGARs were good.She was called the Little Indian Princess at the hospital-for the 4 days,we were there,EVERY DAY,the staff from the OT,came to check on us. Today she is our little PERSON- who says her thank yous and no thank yous.I still feel guilty,that she was alone,when she was born,but She makes sure,if she sees someone sitting alone,away from the group,she ALWAYS walks up to them and keeps them company…ALWAYS..That’s my little Sunshine for you. Love you my Nanya..Happyyy Birthday,baby girl. 


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