My 23 month Old

Can you believe it? I sure can’t..My Itty bitty baby is going to be 2 next month. Ms.Ananya turned 23 mo on Sunday,the 23rd.

Even though she is still a baby in my head,she is really a little person,telling us what she wants and likes,tattling on her sister and then getting mad at us for yelling at her sister.She sits down like a little lady and eats her meals at her little table,asking for more when she’s finished.If she doesn’t like anything,she will say,”No Tantyu” and if she wants something,she will say PEASSSSS (please) or Yes Tantyu. When someone says Thank you to her,she says Wekkam(welcome).Ā 

Sometimes I feel like she is channelizing her inner teenager.She goes around on a scavenger hunt,opening the pantry cupboard,attacking the fruit bowl,stashes unfinished food under the bed or in her toy room and kicks up a fuss when I try to change her clothes.Seriously, she has gone for 2 sometimes 3 days straight in the same clothes..Good thing its winter.I suspect,she doesn’t want to get out of her already warm clothes.

She giggles when she sees something funny and I feel really special that I am her current favorite person. With Aadi,I never had to compete for affection..I was the uncrowned queen of her attention.But Nanya has always been SD’s girl She still reaches for him when she is sleepy.She always saved her best smiles for her didi..But as she approaches her second birthday, I top the charts..and as petty as it sounds,I am pretty kicked!!:D

She loves Alvin and the Chipmunks and she Loves Dora and Boots.She counts from 1 to 10 with some help.She can go up to 5 unassisted and then needs help with 6! She’s made some friends..Other toddlers that she sees everyday/regularly on the school run and her eyes light up when she sees them.She reaches out to touch them,from her Pram or if she is walking,she runs up to them,touches them,cuddles them.She runs up to my friends and asks for a cuddle. She is a fun fun girl..

But when she has one of her tantrum,God Spare me…its so hard to please her.But we are getting better..She used to cry and cry,not letting anyone in,but now at least she lets me hold her close.That’s an improvement.I used to feel like such a failure when I couldn’t comfort her,when she was upset.Ā 

That’s my Nanya for you.. my funny,cheeky little fire-cracker..I leave you with a pic of my precious …



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