My babies…

..are growing up way too fast and I keep forgetting/missing to blog about them all. A bloggy friend’s comment reminded me of that. So many things that I wanted to remember,seem to be fading from memory. I think partly the need to blog has been substituted by Facebook status updates and instant responses. 

Anyway,about time,I said something here..Like Nanhi has been saying full sentences. Today when I gave Aadya her cup of milk,she came charging,sayin-“Nanya Chai”I said,”No its Didi Chai”.And she told me angrily-No!Its mine!  LOL! Its hilarious..the little person has so much spunk..its breathtakingly cute. She is super possessive about ALL of us. When SD or I cuddle with Aadi,she gets mad.When Aadi talks to someone else,she gets mad.She just wants everyone to herself.Sometimes its really frustrating for Aadi. And I am thankful,that she is a very verbal and perceptive child. Like the time,that Anaan was going through a super-clingy phase and Aadi was always tearful. I almost cracked it..I was yelling at her,for whining and crying at the drop of the hat,when I stopped and asked her what was wrong. She said nothing and cried more. SD,took Anaan to the other room and I asked Aadya again what was wrong,this time a little softly and she clung to me and cried and cried and then finally said,”Mumma,I am jealous of her..because she gets to spend so much time with you”…Oh my God!Those words were like a knife through my heart. We cuddled a lot and talked about her feelings,remembered the good times from when she was our only baby..and then she said,”I am sorry,I don’t know why I get jealous..if Ananya wasn’t here,I would be really ‘alonely’ ” And just like that..the knife in my heart,was twisted and dug deeper. Alonely is one of her last few baby words and I cling to it fiercely.To hear her talk is like talking to a full grown adult and I quite enjoy it but at times like these,I don’t know whether to be grateful that she is able to put her feelings in words or to be sad that she is so mature.

And then there was that other time,when I told her,she needs to go sleep in her room or if she is scared,Papa can come and keep her company,because Anan needs me and she just frowned and said.’But Mumma I love you more than anyone in this world..’ How do you respond to something so plain and simple..so honest..?Me?I just turned in to a puddle of mush and hugged her close. I did move her bed into our room..LOL! ok don’t judge me..its the warmest room and it only seems fair,specially since Anaan gets to sleep with us.

Speaking of Anaan,we are finally weaned off.I say we,instead of She,purposely.The first time,I attempted to wean her off,I tried to be strong for 1 whole week..but i was crumbling inside;I was an emotional wreck and so was she.She couldn’t tolerate  her dad and sister.She was walking around like an addict,who had been deprived of his drugs of choice.And on the 8th day,i gave in and nursed her again.All was well in our world again. About a month back,on the 18th of May to be precise,we were out most of the weekend and she didn’t ask for a feed.She ate what we(Aadi) ate and drank what we drank and seemed alright. The third day,when it was just me and her alone,I avoided sitting in our favorite nursing spots and offered her Chai( she calls Milo,Chai)  and I won’t say it was easy-It wasn’t .Almost a month later,she still asks for ‘Dudu’ and when I say,’Dudu finished’ her face falls,but she snuggles up and we talk a little and I offer her,Chai or her favorite yogurt.I don’t know if the fact is that I was ready to stop breast feeding this time or the fact that she now eats yogurt,3-4 times a day,so I don’t worry if she just drinks milk,once every 2-3 days..but the weaning process has been less tormenting this time.And not just for me..She asked me,almost our of habit..but unlike last time,was easily distracted with other choices..Even now,when she is sick or distressed,she asks for a feed,but happy settles for a cuddle.I am happy to reclaim my body..but sad..that my baby  toddler is growing up..

I know I am lagging behind in the photo challenge.. but this had to be written..I’ll cover up over the weekend..

Love and happy weekend vibes..



5 thoughts on “My babies…

  1. Really she said that? I am surprised that she l could express her emotion clearly. I can understand the knife in the heart. The younger ones demand their share of attention, but the older ones just patiently wait for it and we often forget them.


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