Itch Itch Scratch Scratch…

… that’s my involuntary reaction to the word’Lice’. Just a mere mention of the word,makes my scalp itch.So last year when Aadi came home with a letter from school that stated that there had been 2 reported cases of head-lice,to say that I went mental,would be an understatement.
The note also said to- wet comb the child’s hair after generously applying conditioner and to use a mix of water and tea-tree oil spray. We have been doing that.We stopped during the holidays but then a friend,who lives across 7 seas asked for advice on Lice treatment and it was just the second day of school here and I jumped back into over-drive mode.
I have taken to wet combing Nanhi’s hair too..she’s got a head full of ringlets and the last thing I need is an infestation.
Why so paranoid you ask? Well,apart from the few isolated lice episodes,when I was at school,there was this one time,when Aadi was a wee one- 2.5 months to be precise and someone we met at a party,through SD’s work asked to hold her..as most people want to and I let her..and this lady had head-lice..which she passed on to my little baby.The morning after the party,Aadi wouldn’t stop crying and scratching.She was scheduled for an appointment with her Pediatrician and we just asked if we could be seen earlier.By the time,we got seen Aadi had developed a fever and the Dr. had to use a tweezer to pull out a big fat louse from my wee one’s head. We had to treat her with antibiotics,and treat her hair.
Since then,I would rather be safe than sorry…
Anyway,the reason for this post,today when I dropped Aadi at school,one of her friends came up to her to say hii..She had such long beautiful hair and not even a hair clip to hold it in place.I cringed mentally.I wasn’t worried about Aadi-she had her tea-tree oil spray on,but this other girl-hair flying everywhere,was an open invitation to the’critters’… I hope she had her hairspray on as well.
If you have school-aged kids,I know you’ll appreciate this article as I do 🙂


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