Oh Christmas Tree!Oh Christmas Tree!


Our Christmas tree is up,tinseled,decorated and lit up :)We all love looking it at it:) Ms.Aadya was the chief decorator this time and I had to literally sit on top of my OCD-side to re-arrange the colors..:D But this year,she was so excited,I didn’t want to play spoilsports.She didn’t stop chattering all the time.She put all the decorations in a box and carried it around,as she hung the ornaments on the tree.
Ms.Ananya took a fancy to the glittery baubles.And no she didn’t just look at them,she wanted to taste them..and she even tasted the smooth ones,but didn’t particularly like those.Her favorite job was trying to stick ornaments on the tree..but she didn’t quite get it why didi’s stayed on and hers didn’t.That frustrated her a lot and there was a moment of mini-destruction,where she lashed out at the lowest branches! But she got distracted soon enough and left the tree alone.
When we were decorating the tree,we played some Christmas songs on you-tube and were generally talking,laughing..I loveeeee that atmosphere…when we laughed,Nanhi laughed along!!Aadi wanted to know if she kept running away with the baubles too and we told her that we had decorated the tree while she was sleeping..But this time,I really wanted Nanhi to be a part of this family tradition too. But keeping Aadi away from the tree was so easy..Read here,if you don’t believe me..and she was only 2 months older than Nanhi is now!But Nanhi..OMG!She couldn’t care less..she does what she wants..she listens,when it suits her and seeing her sister move the decorations around,makes her believe like she has the licence for doing the same..:)
In other news,we were going to have a long day today.And I didn’t want to skip on my xmas25squat challenge,so I did my squats,while brewing our morning cuppa.. πŸ™‚
2 days of Marathon Blogging and 2 days of squats done and dusted…!
Have a good week!



8 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Tree!Oh Christmas Tree!

  1. Oh we love the festive season too and songs just make it perfect!! My son’s school had their christmas function last week and we have been singing songs ever since πŸ™‚ Enjoy the holiday season!!


    1. Awww..there is something about the joy,the cheer..I love the period from september all the way to January! LOL! And then we start having birthdays in the family! April,May and August are the only dull moments in this house!:D
      Wish you a happy holiday season too!


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