Of new routines :)

SD has started playing cricket again since the last 2 weeks and our Saturday routine has changed.While previously it was-Me-Go to work,come home,eat a late lunch- frozen Haldiram Thali or leftovers from the previous night,flop on the couch,cuddle the babies..take a little nap,go out for dinner/takeout,watch a movie in PJs πŸ™‚
Now SD brings the girls to my workplace and then we go to drop him at his cricket ground,and then we have a girls afternoon of shopping/window shopping & food court meals.Then we come home and sleep/play/read,depending on how tired we are.Showers,cooking and then pick up SD,followed by dinner and movie in PJs.
When Aadi was little and SD first joined this cricket club,I was so angry and upset,because it meant that we(Aadi and I ) were trapped at home.I wasn’t driving then and we were at the weather’s mercy!But now its a different ball game all together.
I have two more weekends of work and then 7 weekends free..So looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday mornings and planning a whole weekend with SD and the girls.
I am doing the 25squat challenge and did the first day of the challenge,while cooking dinner. Nanhi didn’t want me to have all the fun,alone,so I did 10 squats carrying her!And that made Aadi angry,so I did the other 15 holding hands with her!And then she got mad at me,that I stopped!! The kid has no mercy! LOL!
I hope to get through the next 24 days and see some results!:)
I guess I’ll stop now..


6 thoughts on “Of new routines :)

  1. I bet lifting the kid does add more value to the squats!! πŸ™‚ I am curious, so the challenge means one needs to do 25 squats per day any time through the day? Or is there something else that I am missing? All the best, for the squat challenge as well as the Marathon blogging!! πŸ™‚


    1. πŸ™‚ It does!!
      Yes 25 squats throughout the day..anytime of the day,everyday,until Christmas Day.
      All the best to you too,Simran and thanks for stopping by:)


  2. I like that what SD does , I need to start playing again .. after winters will start on cricket for sure ..

    and squats WOW.. you know I go to the gym and all and I hate squats they are the hardest especially with wighit and all .. Good you are doing it .. So end of christmas we will know how well you have done ..

    I will suggest change the exercise now and then .. while doing squats jsut have something in had , light light then a bit heavier ..

    because if u do the same then the leg muscles will get used to it so after some time it wont effect that much .. just a thought πŸ™‚


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