Just another crazy day-Day 24!

WOW!I cannot believe it that I have lasted this long,this time..I am actually looking forward to writing daily blog-posts now.And its heartening to see so many visitors on the blog šŸ™‚ And I would love to hear from more of you..so please take a minute and leave me a comment.

Today SD was playing cricket so he brought the girls to my work place and then we went to drop him off at his cricket ground.After that,we decided to have a girls’ day out.So we came back to the town center,had lunch and then went to see Santa.I was worried about Nanhi’s reaction but she is coolest 16 mo ever!She walked up to Santa on her own..and had a little chat with him and then refused to leave!!

With great difficulty I managed to take her away from there..then we went to the library where both the sisters decided that they wanted to take the library home.While I was trying to get them to put the books back on the shelves,my sister called outraged about something my dad said..So there I was directing the girls,trying to be stern,and she was yelling on the phone and I had to ask her to hold the line.I hung up,got the girls to pick 5(Aadi) and 3(Nanhi) books and we left to pick up school snacks etc from Aldi.

And that is where Ananya decided to throw crocodile-roll tantrums!There she was in her beautiful white dress,rolling on the floor,because I didn’t let her open the packet of Tiny teddies..And just my luck to run into people,I know from work!! First two times,I tried to pick her up,only for her to start thrashing..So the third time,I stood next to her and pretended to laugh and the cheeky monkey did the same thing..forgot about the tantrum.Ā 

Today,I was thankful that I am person with Mammoth sized patience..LOL! And my kids should be glad that I am their mother.LOL!No seriously..a lesser mortal would’ve lost it!! Heck even I was so close to losing it,today!

After the crocodile roll tantrums,we came home,put the airconditioner on and feasted on some mini ice-creams.I love those only 100 cals each.And we made Kulfis!Will tell you tomorrow how it turns out!

Over and out for today..



6 thoughts on “Just another crazy day-Day 24!

  1. hey!! amazing that you are still going…
    love reading your recipes,
    esp because you’ve included details abt how these recipes were imp to your family, tiny details from here and there and what makes it so flavourful
    i was just reading your methi paratha and now i am tempted to make it…
    you should food blog with pix v.v.v regularly,
    keep on trucking, mate


    1. LOL! OMG!they are so embarassing šŸ™‚ I can feel my whole face turning hot and my armpits turn sweaty..but more than the tantrum,whats daunting is the looks you get from others..LOL!
      Anyway,I’ll have one of those medals,thank you!
      Well done to you also for keeping at it!


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