Did you think I forgot to write a post today?-Day 23

No I didn’t 🙂
Ms.Ananya turned 16 months today..I know I have said it before but I can’t help it..how quickly time has flown. Today at lunch time,I watched her eat her Roti and yogurt,picking up each piece daintily.Her face was a mess and so was her vest,but,she is just not a little baby anymore. Everyday,she learns something new,teaches us something new.
Today,she opened the fridge and said more..she was hungry! She told me that..in her own special way! I gave her some strawberries and she was happy.
Tonight I went out for dinner-My first official dinner.I was sick.I used my inhaler every hour,even took a nap.B.U.T. I was really looking forward to this dinner and didn’t want to miss it. I got a chance to dress up like a normal person,not worrying about whether the top is breast-feeding friendly or not. I did my hair and even put some make up on..:) Its amazing how simple things make you feel so good.And you know what was the best part of the evening- Getting to eat my food without someone climbing over me,little hands reaching in my plate or a little body balanced on my leg. I am sure a lot of moms will nod at this one 🙂 And taking a cue from Retromummy I leave you with a pic of me with my girls..Putting the mom back in the picture:)

Have a good weekend everyone 🙂


4 thoughts on “Did you think I forgot to write a post today?-Day 23

  1. That’s impressive that you posted after feeling sick and going out! Lovely photo! And yes, totally agree that sometimes, being able to have some time to yourself and doing yourself up makes you feel really good… 🙂


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