Just a usual day here…the girls are still sick-Babychino slept most of the day and Babushka colored and drew,got frustrated about staying home and then took a nap.
Sometime during the day,I caught her,looking at her class photos,quite wistfully..I asked her what was going on in her head and she said,she was missing her friends and her teacher.When it started raining she said,”oh it will be wet time- table today”. It dawned on me,how much my little girl has grown up.She is beginning to form independent relationships outside the house-her world is no longer restricted to just us….*sigh* why do babies grow up so soon? Now I know how the birds feel when their hatchlings leave the nest.. I am glad at least she still comes back home.I am thankful for the cuddles,she still likes giving me,
Tonight,when I tucked her in for the night,she asked me,if Babychino could sleep in her crib all night because she was missing the time,when it was just mumma and her..and she wanted to sleep cuddling me all night! I miss that part too.. But I get my share of small warm bodies,clinging to my neck for dear life,with the Babychino…so,I am ok…
*gasp*i can’t believe I said that..before the Babychino came along,I was 200%sure that I couldn’t love anyone else as much as I loved Babushka…because I didnt think I would have any love left!
Lol!could I have been any more wrong? Gosh I love the Babychino to pieces…If not more than the Babushka,its no less either! I now believe a Mother’s heart actually splits in to as many equal parts,as the number of children she has….how could I not..for my own has split into two equal parts…:)
Well,I should call it a night..it’s my work day tomorrow…and you enjoy your weekend!


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