Day17-Morning rituals

Sharing a Cuppa with Papa- yes! It is so important to start your day with something warm!Lol!
Babychino loves biting our cups,when we are drinking our tea..the excitement on her face after a bite/ sip is priceless. When Babs was little,I let her little hand touch the warm cup exterior,so she knows it’s hot and shouldn’t be touched- she was an angel- she listened after that time!
Babychino- well she is the devil- she doesn’t care- she touches it again and grins!

Next most important ritual is playing with Dida,while mummy gets everything ready.Did I tell you,Babychino calls Babushka ‘Dida’- I have been told that Dida means grandmother in Bengali, but we don’t speak Bengali and it sounds So utterly cute when she calls out to her Dida,that,we have decided to not correct her!
She calls out to her Dida even in her sleep..and the moment,they wake up,our house is full of screams of Dida,Dida…:)
In case you are wondering what Babushka calls Babychino- Omg! It’s hilarious! She calls her- Sania,Tania,lavanya,Aaliyah,daisy,Radhika,princess,cheeky girl…I told you it’s hilarious! Her favorite are Sania and Tania… And we are not allowed to call her that!And don’t ask me- why these names- for I don’t have a clue:)


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