Baby #2

6 months!

Dear Ananya,

My baby,My pumpkin pie- you are 6 months old in this world now. Its so hard to imagine our life without you..:)

Your didi was so excited about your birthday this time.She now knows her numbers and was looking forward to the 23rd. She kept telling everyone,the previous week that its going to be Ananya’s b’day and everyone has to wish her. She told Mumma-Papa,where we need to get your cake from. And on the 23rd,she made sure,you didn’t let you just had to whimper and she would rush to your side and try to cheer you up.She even made sure,we didn’t yell at her for ANYTHING,because it was a special day.

Laddu,you are no longer happy just rolling tried and tried till you mastered the art of crawling.Yes.. no fooling around,no backward just kept rocking back and forth on all fours, trying to move ahead and then you did it..2 days before turning 6! Yes! We are so so proud of you.. we cheered you on, we clapped for you and cuddled you..and it made you so happy.

You love your didi,don’t you? Your eyes just light up when she enters a room and I can see it..EVERYBODY can see it. Love you for that..:) It isn’t easy to put you to sleep or feed you,when didi is around.And you are so naughty,you call out to her,when you want your cuddles and when you are done,if she even touches you with her little finger,you get mad..and scream!You cheeky cheeky monkey! Another thing you like doing with didi is holding on to her shoulders and standing!And just yesterday,you were trying to raise yourself to a standing position by holding onto didi’s table.

And Didi taught you squealing..and you made me crazy with those squeals,both of you..You love sitting on Papa’s chest and eating his face up.. You start patting us,when you get sleepy.You want to try everything that we are eating.So far you have tasted- rice cereal,sweet potato-pumpkin puree,potato,avocado and cucumber.We are still going slow with the solids because you had a bit of trouble sleeping,the few times we tried solids. So, we’ll take it slow…and before we know it,you’ll be eating all that yummy food.

So,I’ll give you the yummy food..but you have let me sleep..:) Yes Monkey,you still wake me up atleast 3 times in the night..and I am not even counting the number of times,I have to pat you back to sleep,before I go to bed. From the time I started writing this post,I have had to pat you twice and despite being in different rooms,every time you wake up,so does your didi!

Clinging to Mumma continues and so does stranger anxiety and its so funny that you live with some of the loudest people and yet,you get startled when someone talks in a loud voice..Aah..what would I give to know what goes on in that little mind of yours.

Keep growing,my beautiful baby..and keep smiling like you always those gummy smiles just as much as I love those precious tears that you shed…but you know what I love most..the pink that creeps into your cheeks and lips,right after you finish feeding..and that sweet satiated smile..Gosh! thats all it takes to turn my heart into mush..Love you loads,baby girl..

today and forever





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