Yet again..

Yet again,life got on top of me.I really dunno where the time goes these days.EVERY single day,I think of you guys,I think of updating the blog.. but….
First things first,thanks for all the hand holding,everyone.I got the CT scan done and the results are … lets just say,I need to see a surgeon.There is a 4cm cyst in my spleen. Given that the spleen itself is 10cm long,4 cm cyst,seems big.So,I see the surgeon before Christmas and then,we’ll know more.If I require a surgery then,I think I will just pack my bags and go to my dad’s. Anyway,we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.
We are down to the last school term for Babushka..and it has been a great last term,filled with lots of activities and fun-days. They even went had an excursion to the zoo.SD wasn’t too crazy about her going alone..For days together,he kept asking me,”How could you leave her alone??” I finally asked him to take the day off and go with her,since babies weren’t allowed and there is no way,I was dragging a 4 mo just so we could follow the Kinder group at a safe distance!!I played the I-am-her-mother card and she went to the zoo and she had a blast.She is still talking about it and its been 4 days!
Babushka is so quick to talk and so witty.At the zoo, the teacher was putting name tags on everyone,with the school address and number,facing forward.And this cheeky monkey tells the teacher,”No,No Jane,you cannot put it like this-how will the animals know our names?”and before poor stunned Jane could answer,she says,”OK then,Never mind,we’ll just flip it over and show it to our favorite animals.”Jane was still speechless,the other parents had a nice laugh!
Babychino is busy growing up..She is now sitting up.Yes!Already(knock on the wood now!) a couple nights back,after her massage,I sat her up and was rubbing her back and she first lifted one hand off the floor,tentatively..then the other..She is trying to lift herself,when she is lying down.but,if you prop her up,she stays like that for a good while. She is suddenly interested in colors and I think her favorite color is yellow! She likes to grab EVERYTHING! All this is fun,but she gets mad,if I move away from her 10 cm radius! She pretends to cry!!YES!Pretends to cry..just keeps looking at the ceiling and makes these wailing sounds…and when we go close to her,she smiles!!!
Speaking of smiles,everyone at Babushka’s kinder have nicknamed her ‘Smiley’..Lately,SD and I have been looking at our girls and then saying,to each other,who would have thought?..I get that thought quite often,when we are having a nice peaceful moment…all of us laughing at something Babuska said or Babychino did…it was nice when SD mentioned feeling that way too.Its nice to know after so many years together,that we still feel the same way. In less than 2 weeks,we’ll be celebrating our eighth anniversary together. When I look at the girls,I really feel.. when we were going through hard times in our relationship,because SD’s parents weren’t agreeing.. a kid was probably the last thing on our minds..and we got past that.. and now we have two of our own!!Blows me away completely:D
I guess,I’ll stop here for now..Will be back with more soon..till then..
Take care,my lovelies..


12 thoughts on “Yet again..

  1. so have you seen the surgeon what did they say ..

    Life is funny when we sit back and look at the gone time 🙂

    you take care and lotf of love to the little ones..


  2. Awww! darling, I hope that spleen doesnt trouble you too much..

    Babs is so cute…I loved that 🙂

    and Chino is getting smarter eh 🙂

    Happy anniversary in advance!


  3. I hope you get a positive news for us real soon.. Keeping fingers crossed..

    Babushka is definitely Witty 🙂

    Babychino is sitting already..waw..(touch wood)

    Yeah I can so relate to what you have SD is doing through.. Life changes so much with kids around that we never thought we would have been in similar phase in life..


    1. I hope so too,LF!
      yes.. this witty girl.. will make me dig a hole in the earth and bury myself there!:D
      Babychino,sitting 🙂 yes!
      Its weird isn’t it.. sometimes,I still feel like we are two silly kids..and then I see these babies,who depend on us..:)


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