Baby #2

Hanging by the hair…

..really! That’s what Ananya has been doing..She is super-clingy today. She spent a lot of time in her dad’s arms when I was cooking.She played a fair bit with her beloved sister..and finally,when she woke up for her post dinner feed,she decided that she wanted to cling to Mommy.We had a long long chat..:) OK,I was talking and she was cooing back for a long time.And Aadya was telling her own story,simultaneously.Finally Sanj went to bed and took Aadi with him.I had to fold the laundry and put Ananya on the bed next to him and she got mad..scrunched up her face and cried that angry cry. So,I brought her outside with me,propped her on the pillow and she happily watched me fold the clothes,cooing more:)
I moved her to the chaise lounger,so I could clean up the kitchen and she got mad,as soon as I went away from her.I came back,she gurgled and cooed..I bent down to kiss her,and she grabbed my hair and tried to sit up all the while smiling at me..It was so sweet,I let her stay that way,our faces so close,she hanging by my hair..:)
I heart babies playing with mom’s hair,absolutely heart it!!(umm yes,I am crazy that way!!) I grew my hair out,during both the pregnancies,so I could experience it.. Me bending down to kiss the baby and baby hangs on to my hair…:)
The laundry sits there,looking at me…while,I am typing away,stretched on the couch with Ananya next to me…Oh,well! the laundry can wait.. this moment won’t 🙂


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