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The concert

Well,can I really write about anything else,tonight???
So, the concert ..hmm where do I begin?Let me start with the good part- Babushka’s part.
She was soo good. She remembered all her steps,she wasn’t shy..remembered to smile and by the time,she finished the first number,I had tears flowing down my cheeks..After the initial 2 secs,I didn’t bother wiping them.:D
When I went backstage to see her,she was soo soo excited!She asked me jumping up and down.. how was it Mumma..did u see me?I said yes..I asked her,were you scared,tonight?And she said,yes..I was..then I saw you and I got happy…
*pat on the back,to self for showing her where I was sitting.*
The not-so-good part-
It was sooooo disorganised..I have no words for it…really.Kids were called in at 11.00 for make up and such for the show,that was to begin at 4:00. By the time,the first number was performed,all the kids were tired.But,they still rocked on the stage..:)
Nobody knew,which order the performances,basically,everyone was just hanging around there,waiting for someone to tell them.
Babs was supposed to welcome the Mayor,but no-one told me anything and then,at the last minute,her teacher had someone else give him the welcome gift..Like I said,no-one knew what was going to happen when,till it hit u in the face.
Performers went missing after their names were announced and there was the last minute panic to fill in the spot.In the meantime,little girls were dressed and waiting for their turn.Babs had to perform just the first and the last number and so we were good.. but how DO you keep a 4 year old rested between performances..She was dancing with each and EVERY song/dance that was being performed on the stage.
She was supposed to go in for one more number and we were told,they would announce and could I please make sure,she gets there on time..I said,sure and we waited and waited and Babs got excited and she was never called on the stage for that one!!! The show stretched one extra hour and all the kids were hungry…those of us,who were around,got some food and water and some of the kids ate and shared.. while others,just waited for their parents.We did offer them,but didn’t force-simply because of allergy and or diet restrictions.
Now,the best part..
Despite all the chaos,in the end,Babs teacher remembered to introduce her to the Mayor,as her youngest performer.The Mayor shook hands with her and congratulated her on dancing so well:)She said a “Thank you” as an afterthought! The Mayor went down the stage and came back looking for her,with a small trinket-a beads and silver angel and gave it to her..and said,”well done,for not being scared!” That one moment,was the highlight of her day and to be honest,mine too.
There was a no photography notice because the professional photographer was going to take pictures.. but he didn’t get any pictures of her 😦 He did get pictures of her hands and hair!!Not even a picture with the Mayor! Thankfully,we took pictures of her backstage..and so,I am happy.
So,that was the saga of the concert..:)


8 thoughts on “The concert

  1. WOWOWOWOWO! yayayayy *Dancing and all that around the office* so glad for Babs..way to go girl! go and burn the stage next time while mama keeps wiping away her tears :)Pssst: My mom saw me perform for the first time on stage AFTER I was engaged..I did a 3 hour show with my Bharatnatyam teacher and the agents there (Read DAD) mentioned that she was crying..hehehehe 🙂 so enjoy the tears and the fun it brings along


    1. WOWWWWWWWW!!! R’s Mom..I want to learn Bharatnatyam too.. really!!!I do.. waiting for the baby to pop out!!LOL!
      Babs really made us proud..:) sadly,she didnt have any bharatnatyam steps,for her parts..but,it was OK!!


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