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Lunch Woes..

Well,I have been cribbing about this for sometime to whoever would care to listen.Its Babushka’s school lunch. No matter what I give her comes back,as is..the max she does is nibbles at it.She loves cucumber and carrot sticks,yogurts and puddings,crackers n cheese,mini pizzas. I have tried it all. If I give her two-three options like-crackers,cucumbers and yogurt-she will eat whatever is the smallest portion. If just one option..nothing at all. Last night I made veg cutlets for her.She loved those.She asked for more and even asked me to save some for school I did.

This morning I pan-fried the cutlets,quickly packed the lunch in a hotpack..SD thinks,she may not be eating,because she is used to hot food. And just added a few crackers in a ziplock bag,just in case. When she came back.. all she had eaten was 3 measly crackers! What is a mother to do??

I am really getting desparate as each day goes by..She just about manages to gulp about half a cup of milk,before leaving..and keeps running on that till she gets home.Naturally,by then,she is super-cranky.Today she went to a friend’s place for an after-school playdate.She had lunch there and when she came home,2 hours later..she had two big pieces of banana bread,that I had baked,when she was away. So,I know..she does get hungry..May be she is just too distracted or too busy talking to eat?Her Kinder is water only no juice or anything.But if this continues,I will check with her teacher n see if I can give her some kind of smoothie or so.. Any suggestions,moms of picky eaters?


2 thoughts on “Lunch Woes..

  1. She has just started kinder…new set-up, place, friends. Maybe in a couple of days she’ll start eating.
    Try talking to her- why she does not eat….what do other kids get for lunch….


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