I turned 31 on the 19th.Yes,people I am officially on the other side of the big Three-Oh and I am loving it!No really,last year,even a few weeks before my birthday,I was in shock..”I am going to turn thirty!Wow!When did that happen??” But this year,I am all zen.After all,its just an age..and good one too.Now,I have the license to act kiddish,to my hearts content-at the risk of sounding whimsical,but whimsical is good-I like whimsical..and also,the license,to tell someone to get off my back..because I am a thirty plus woman..Surely I know what I want!
If someone would have asked me on my 21st birthday,where I saw myself at 31,I would have said-In a plush lab,somewhere in the US of A. Now,I know..life doesn’t always go as we plan..and what we end up with after the diversion is not necessarily a bad thing.Well,I would be lying if I said,I have given up on that dream..I still haven’t..infact,I know truly,I would be the happiest,when I am in lab..mixing solutions or testing some human samples. Its just that the priorities have shifted.The dream job in a lab will follow,as soon as we have managed to get all the kids raised:D
For now,I am really happy to be where I am.I wanted to have two kids,by the time,I turned 30..umm..well,we are almost there.I am happy to have a family,just like I wanted.And I happy to be able to give them,as much time,as I want..without feeling guilty or compromising on anything.
If at 21,I knew that I was going to get hormonal problems,I would have taken better care of myself.I dunno,if that would have helped me avoid the hormonal problems,but atleast,I would have been in a better shape,when the problems started.
This is not some sort of a keeping scores post..so lets get to the actual birthday and the celebrations.This year I got an early birthday gift from DH- a new laptop! and Aadya insisted on getting me another one..because,it wasn’t my birthday until saturday and how could I have a birthday,without getting a gift on that day!

DH got the most amazing melt-in-your mouth Fruit Flan and uff..it was sinfully delicious. Ms.Aadya started singing “Happy Birthday” from the moment she woke,interspersed with kisses and cuddles..Wow!that was really my most favorite part of the day!We got out of bed,got dressed and cut the cake..and had that for breakfast!Then,we headed out to a beautiful homestead cafe for brunch!!It was the most amazing place..infact the best place,we went to since we moved to Australia. The cafe itself was setup in the middle of a huge farm(?) -there was greenery,wherever u looked..and the beach was just a 5 minute walk away! Gosh!and the food..good old homecooked farm style breakfast! yummmm.
DH had to go to work,so we came home and he headed out.Then,I found out that friend M was home alone with her adorable 17 month old too,so Aadi and I went over to her place and had some awesome girlie time-talking endlessly,going to the coffee shop.. lazing around..good fun!I hadn’t done that in a long time..for once on my bday,I didnt feel home sick for my sis n BFF!
DH came home in the evening and then we went n got some take-out dinner.Aadya dozed off on our way back,so we got a little bit of alone time.DH gave me a nice foot-rub and back rub..just what I needed at the end of a long day!
By 10:30 PM,I was in bed,with a book-when my phone rang.It was BFF-1 calling ..as soon as she heard my voice,she started screaming..LOL!Want to know why?Well,apparently,she had been trying all my numbers,starting from the time I was in Canada to all the various places in USA and then finally got through on my mobile!!I don’t know who all got wished a Happy birthday that day! We had a nice long chat and hung up,feeling so good.Somethings don’t change.BFF-1 isn’t very net savvy and so we don’t really email or anything..but we talk a couple times in the year..but,the warmth just keeps increasing.
Then,I returned BFF-2’s call.I had missed her call,twice,during the day.And chatting with her for the next half and hour! She is just opening a restaurant..and I am so proud of her.She quit her day job to follow her dream..and I couldn’t be happier..if anyone deserves to succeed,its her.If you are in /visiting Baroda,let me know..I will give you the details.
And the day ended…but the year has just begun..and I am so looking forward to this year-for the obvious reasons πŸ™‚
Here’s hoping this year is happier and healthier than the last three decades!


8 thoughts on “Three-One!

  1. This is a lovely post Trish. Reflect the warm and lovely person you yourself are. Wish you many many more wonderful birthdays with that lovely little, growing family of yours, surrounded by friends and loved ones.


  2. Wow Trish! The flan, those cuddles from the diva, that alone time πŸ˜‰ and the time with friends – awwww! What a lovely birthday that ws πŸ™‚ Hugs Trish πŸ™‚ And may u be blessed with such moments forever πŸ™‚


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