The call

This morning I woke up feeling quite gloomy.To add to it,DH slept in late..and woke up,just in time to gulp breakfast,get dressed and head out for cricket. That just added to my blues.I was beginning to feel positively depressed.
I looked at the time and decided to make the call.To the one person..who I knew,would know where I am coming from!The phone rang..and rang..and then she picked up.. “Hi”..I said,in low voice. “Hey Sweetie,whats up?” came her voice,full of cheery sunshine. Thats all I needed…”blah blah blah…”,I started and she listened..despite the early hour-it was just 7.30am in India. I talked some more and she listened some more..giving me her thoughts..and just like that,I could feel the blues melting away.She had to hang up for 10 minutes,to leave home.By the time,she called back,I was feeling much better.
There is something about talking to your BFF and offloading on her…there is no guilt,despite the hour..there is no fear of being judged..no worries about sharing even your darkest thoughts..I am soo glad I have her in my life.
Miss you darling..thanks for being there,always!muaah!


2 thoughts on “The call

    1. lol thanks Aneela..though this reminds me,I don’t have your numbers..and lemme look you up on skype!in the meantime,can you please email your numbers to me??


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