How did we ring in the new year?

Remember how I told you,we planned to stay in and watch movies..well thats exactly what we were planning to do..till DH’s phone rang on 31st morning.I was flat out on the couch..yes,I was still sick.DH was making Maggi for everyone.So,anyway his phone rang and a bunch of his friends had decided to meet up,drink some,order in food and ring in the new year together..I asked DH to go ahead..take Aadya too,if he wanted(which I was 110% sure-he wouldn’t-LOL!!)..and I could stay in-sleep and/or watch my precious movies..may be I could even get some more chick-flicks..
Hmmph..no.that didn’t happen.DH gave me two choices-either he calls up and cancels OR we all go together..”Its take-out,baby..you don’t have to cook”…yup,those were the golden words,I needed to hear..I agreed to go.I still spent the rest of the day on the couch..till the Martha in me,awoke.How could I go to a party,without something home-made?Not just a party..a party at DH’s friend’s place!!
So,quickly a chocolate cake was baked and frosted with dark chocolate ganache..and 2011 was written on it with rainbow sprinkles..:) And off we went to the party.
Its was a nice gathering..with friends old and new..and kids ranging from 1.0 to 5.5 years..a good time was had by all and we rang in the new year with our dinner plates in our hands.Ofcourse,that led to much ribbing about how we would spend the new year eating..:D
After dinner followed sparklers and desserts. Sparklers is like Ms.Aadya’s MOST FAVORITE Thing in the whole wide world! Dessert was-Icecream and my chocolate cake..:)
Ohh and it goes without saying that we slept in most of the next day..it used to irk my parents no end that we spent the new years day sleeping..but..someone has to keep up with traditions..isn’t it?:P
I have the 2010 year post in the drafts and so is my thoughts and wishes for 2011..will get around to posting it soon..hopefully:)


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