We woke up to a rainy gloomy day.Overcast sky,drizzles and humidity!
I woke Aadya early-I hate doing that ! She wanted to sleep more..but I didn’t want her to miss daycare.not that I have anything special planned..but she is just getting in the groove and I didn’t want her to stay home and get all out of sync..tear-free drop-offs are really nice.
So,I woke her up early and told her,daddy will drop her.But,she wanted me to go along too.So,we all went.I dropped her off and then DH dropped me back..and DH ended up being horribly late..the rain,the traffic and the diversion!
Anyway,when I left,Aadya was just sitting down to breakfast.Alls well,i hope.
Me..?I am just sitting in an empty house..feeling a little tired.I didn’t sleep too well last night..It was quite a muggy night,even though it was raining..I think I fell asleep well after 2.00 and woke up by 7.00.but now I am too awake to go back to bed.
And its stopped raining!! LOL!!and now I feel bad for waking up Aadi..ugh!


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