Aadya’s Diego

When we came back from the Dr.’s office,we told Aadya,”Aadi,you are going to be a big sister! There is really a baby in Mumma’s tummy.”She was excited and then went back to watching her cartoon.
She wanted to call her baby sister Dora.I asked her how about Diego??And she now calls the baby Diego and I get an image of a little green Dino!
She is so sweet..it makes me want to cry.She kisses my tummy and talks to Diego.She is being extra careful-she kept pushing me away,when I tried to hug her.Finally,I coaxed her to sit in my lap,she sat gingerly and then said,”Mumma,I think Diego is scared..is Aadya didi squeezing him?” OMG!!I don’t want her to be so understanding..I hugged her tight and told her,”No Diego is fine,he likes it when Aadya didi cuddles him and mumma.”
Yesterday,I was feeding her dinner.She took the first bite and then told me,”Now you give one bite to Diego in your tummy”.
Oh my little baby girl..I love you so much!you are going to be such a sweet big sister.


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