Just another Day-day 18 Nablopomo

Yes,today was just another day..nothing interesting happenned.The weather was crappy..it was dull and gloomy all day..and we were dull and gloomy too.
The only excitement of the day was,that a slot opened up in a day care that I had applied for and I fixed up her orientation for next week.I hope she likes it.I am relieved that atleast I have a back up,if she doesn’t get a seat in the Kindergarten for next year.
The headache came back…so i am guessing its the weather that brings it on..but anyway,the evening went away in a haze..
more later tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Just another Day-day 18 Nablopomo

  1. Wow! u r keeping up with the NaBloPoMo! Awesome 🙂
    Happy Navratri to u too 🙂
    I hope u r feeling better nw Trish.

    Conservation – all-in-one comment this one 😉


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