Happy Dusshera-Day17 NaBloPoMo

Wish you all a very Happy Dusshera.
Those of you who don’t celebrate Dusshera,hope you had a good weekend.
We had a good day today.We went to the mall after ages…shopped a bit-mostly for Ms.Aadya.DH and I bought just essentials..but Ms.Aadya got a jacket,a T-shirt and a jeans from Pumpkin Patch..AND..she got a bear from Build-a-bear.She has two babies from there already-One was a gift from my friend V for her first birthday.She is called Angie.She is at my friend P’s place in Seattle.We were leaving from the USA and there wasn’t enough time for P to ship it back to me..so,DH went and got the second one..We tried to pass it as Angie..but our 15 month old didn’t buy it!She said,No this is Bala(bala-is marathi for baby).
And today we got Roneo(aadyaspeak for Romeo)So,Roneo,was picked,filled,dressed by our 3 and 1/2 year old and she is excited about him..She even went to bed with him,in her bed,in her own room…(fingers crossed that she stays there all night!)
She is still not asleep,trying to fall asleep..but its OK,its a start..:)


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