Happy Ashtami-Day15NaBloPoMo

Wish you all a very happy Ashtami.
We had a lovely day.I had a house full of kids.At one time,there were 10 kids in the house.Everyone was made to sit on the special Dora chair..and their feet were washed-boys and girls,both:)
That was followed by tilak and Aarti and then,we laid out a sheet in the middle of the living room and everybody,sat down to enjoy the feast of halwa-poori-chane.
This Asthami,I was reminded of the Asthami of my childhood days .Having a full house,sounds of delighted squeals filling the house,heady fragrant mix of agarbatti,fresh flowers and food,floating in the air..it was perfect.One of my guests,commented that the house had a festive feel..Thats just what I was aiming for 🙂
Mood tonight: Tired,Happy,Content!


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