For the love of elephants-Day14 NaBloPoMo

Today’s Writing Prompt.Thursday, October 14, 2010
What’s your favorite animal? When was the last time you saw one? Touched one?

I feel my brain is switched off right now..So,instead of digging in my photos folder,I went to the NaBloPoMo website and decided to follow the prompt..what luck!!! I have just story!
The readers of this blog know about my love of elephants.My favorite animal is definitely the elephant.And Ms.Aadya loves elephants too.
Last year when we went to India,one night,my sister,BFF and I took Aadi for an after-dinner ride.On our way back,we saw this elephant,with beautiful drawings on its trunk and legs.BFF stopped the car and asked me,if I wanted to show a real live elephant to Aadya.”Ofcourse”,I jumped at it!
We got out of the car and got down to see the beautiful elephant.Wowwwwwww!! the enormity of the beast..the delight in Aadya’s squeals..wowww..I will never forget that moment. And then,without any prompting from the Mahavat,the elephant dipped its trunk and very gently pecked Aadya’s head.And then,BFF and I touched the trunk and it flapped its ears. 🙂
Even the memory of the moment brings a big smile to my face! I am so glad,I decided to look for the prompt today.


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